For any home or business owner who suspects mold as the cause of respiratory issues or allergy flare-ups, the first step is to identify if mold is really responsible for the problems. One easy way to assume mold may be at fault is if you’ve had any kind of water leak or moisture problem in the area in question. This is a sure sign that mold spores may have started to grow and spread in areas unseen by the home or business owner. In fact, when there is no visible sign of mold, clients often rely on their sense of smell to pinpoint the mildew smell of suspected mold.

Once mold is suspected, a home or business owner can purchase a mold testing kit at a local home improvement store. However, these tests are not intended to diagnose or treat a mold existence problem, but rather, they are often intended to alert the home or business owner that a problem exists and guide them towards contacting a professional mold testing company, like Pure Protection, LLC, who can confirm the existence of mold and make a plan to remove it before it grows into a much bigger problem.

As one of the initial steps in discovering the existence of mold and its potential toxicity for future health issues, our team of mold testing experts begins by taking samples of the suspected mold. In doing so, we know how best to treat the mold in order to rid the home or office of it, and ensure it doesn’t return in the same place. Once the mold testing is completed and surrounding areas are professionally treated, our clients can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their home and office are safe and healthy environments.

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